Household Goods and Personal Effects Shipping

Although All Shore Forwarders is well known for shipping automobiles, race cars and collectible vehicles, we also manage a significant volume of household goods, personal effects and general cargo.

When planning for the shipment of your household goods and personal effects, the volume of cargo you are shipping becomes most important to properly determine the service most suited for your needs. Whether you are shipping a family heirloom to a relative in England or moving the entire contents of your home to your new residence in Australia, All Shore Forwarders provides the necessary international moving services to meet your requirements.

When shipping your household goods and personal effects we offer the following services:

LCL Consolidation Service

  • Most common type of cargo for this service is personal effects, commercial cargo, artwork, auto parts or any small volume of cargo which does not lend itself to an exclusive container. 
  • The cost for consolidated service is based on a minimum of one cubic meter which is the equivalent of 35 cubic feet. 
  • All cargo must be properly packed, boxed and labeled prior to arriving into the consolidation warehouse. 
  • We recommend having your loose boxes palletized for safety and security,
  • A packing list is required for personal effects shipments.
  • A commercial invoice is required for commercial shipments. 
  • We offer door to door service to over 500 worldwide destinations. 

Exclusive Container Service

  • Recommended when moving your entire household, including furniture and possibly an automobile with your household goods. Suited for residential and commercial shipments which exceed the limited parameters of an LCL consolidation service. 
  • The cost for an exclusive container is relative to the size of the container being shipped (20’ or 40’), origin and destination of the shipment. 
  • The container loading can be arranged from your residence (restrictions apply), storage facility or warehouse. 
  • A packing list is required for personal effects shipments.
  • A commercial invoice is required for commercial shipments. 
  • Door to door service is available for many worldwide destinations.

Air Freight Service

  • The fastest method available for exporting cargo overseas.
  • Usually the most costly method for exporting cargo overseas.
  • Delivery of cargo to all U.S. airports must be handled by TSA certified carriers. 

Additional Services

When shipping your household goods we offer these additional services: 

  • Transport from door to door.
  • Container positioning to your door or warehouse/storage facility for loading. 
  • Container loading of your household goods as well as your vehicle(s) at one of our many warehouses located thru out the United States.