Importing Vehicles into the USA 

Through our vast network of shipping agents thru out the world, we are able to offer shipping services from a great number of overseas locations in order to handle your import cargo. 

When considering the import of a vehicle or personal/commercial cargo many factors must be identified and confirmed well before the shipment commences. U.S. Customs and Border Protection have very specific requirements for the importing of vehicles and cargo into the U.S. A lack of this knowledge on the part of the importer does not excuse these requirements. Therefore, it is most important to work with a company such as All Shore Forwarders who can offer the professional services your import will require to insure all needs are met. 

The United States is a participating member of the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). Consequently, it is absolutely imperative that all packing materials used in a container entering the United Sates comply with these regulations. Cargo packed in a container which does not comply with these requirements is subject to seizure and very high penalties being assessed by U.S. Customs & Border Protection. 

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has implemented a new rule, known as the Importer Security Filing (ISF) or more commonly called 10+2; which requires containerized cargo information, for security purposes, to be transmitted to U.S.C.B.P. at least 24 hours (19 CFR section 149.2(b) prior to the goods being loaded onto a vessel headed to the United States. Failure to properly have the ISF document filed with U.S.C.B.P. can result in a $ 5,000.00 fine to the importer.

Since most import shipments must be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the type of cargo, overseas origin, importer status, etc, we recommend that you contact us directly to discuss your importing needs.  

Our Import Services include but are not limited to arranging for the following services: 

  • Shipping of your cargo from overseas location
  • Customs clearance arrangements at overseas location
  • Import Security Filing 
  • Customs clearance into U.S. 
  • Single entry and term bonds
  • Carnet services 
  • Temporary and tourist entries 
  • Permanent entries 
  • Stamped customs documents as needed 
  • Marine Insurance 
  • Container receiving and unloading 
  • Inland transport 
  • Warehousing as needed