Vehicle Shipping for Military Personnel

All Shore Forwarders has been shipping cars and motorcycles overseas for military personnel for over thirty years. In that time we have found when orders are issued there are so many things for the enlisted person to manage that little thought is often given to the shipping of their POV. That is where we come in. With our vast network of affiliates around the word we can usually manage all aspects of moving your automobile and motorcycle from origin to destination and eliminate the guesswork for you. 

When shipping your POV we can offer the following KEY POINTS: 

  • Only one POV can be shipped at government expense.
  • Allocate the largest of your vehicles to be shipped under government expense. 
    • Since the cost for most overseas shipments are calculated by the size of the vehicle the smaller the vehicle, the less cost to you. 
  • Consider the timing of your shipment. 
    • Depending on your destination, shipments can take from two to eight weeks to complete and the government does not reimburse for rental fees. It is usually much more costly to rent a vehicle overseas than in the U.S.A. 
  • Familiarize yourself with any restrictions or requirements your overseas destination may have for importing your POV. 
    • Consult your deployment pamphlet BEFORE you proceed in shipping your POV. This can save you time and money once your vehicle arrives overseas. 
    • Be prepared with any specific items your vehicle will require to pass inspection overseas such as a first aid kit, hazard/warning kits/vests, etc. 
  • Perform maintenance and repairs on your vehicle PRIOR to shipping it overseas. 
    • Performing routine maintenance and/or repairs on your vehicle overseas can prove costly and timely if a part or two is needed. It is best to have your vehicle running in top condition before shipping it overseas.  
  • Familiarize yourself with the required documentation  
    • To export your vehicle from the U.S.A. the original Certificate of Title is needed. A paid Bill of Sale is also a useful document to have. 
    • If you have a lien on your vehicle, an original authorization letter from the lienholder authorizing the shipment of your vehicle overseas will be required by U.S. Customs for export clearance, along with a copy of the title. 
    • The ownership documents for your vehicle,  along with the export Bill of Lading issued to you once the vehicle departs the U.S.A.,  are important documents to retain throughout your overseas tour and until your vehicle is returned to the U.S.  
    • The following will be necessary to collect and register your vehicle overseas 
      • AE Form 550-175A - Import certificate 
      • AE Form 190- 1AA – Registration application
      • Overseas driver’s license 
      • License Plates     


When shipping a vehicle or motorcycle we can offer the following services: 

  • Roll-on/Roll-off service – refer to our page on Ro/Ro service
      • The most economical service available for shipping a vehicle overseas 
      • Vehicle must be drivable 
      • The vehicle needs to be empty of any cargo 
      • The fuel tank must container less than ¼ tank of gasoline 


  • Exclusive and Consolidated container service – refer to our page on Container service 
      • Offers an additional layer of safety over Ro/Ro service by having the vehicle loaded and braced inside a shipping container 
      • Can accommodate non-running vehicles 
      • Is more costly than Ro/Ro service 
      • Consolidated container service (shared container service) is available to select destinations which reduce the cost of container service
      • Personal effects and auto parts can be shipped inside the vehicle or the container itself along with the vehicle  


  • Air Freight Service – refer to our page on Air Freight service 
      • The fastest method available for exporting a vehicle overseas 
      • The most costly method available for exporting a vehicle overseas 


When shipping a vehicle or motorcycle we can offer these additional services: 

  • Inland transport from door to door 
  • Expert container loading 
  • Customs clearance 
  • Storage in yard or warehouse 
  • Export documentation and SED filing