Less than Container Load Service (LCL)

All Shore Forwarders offers LCL service to over 500 world-wide destinations.

What is LCL Service?

LCL or Less than Container Load is an economical service used when you do not have sufficient volume to utilize and pay for an entire container. Your cargo is consolidated into a container with other cargo going to the same destination. You simply pay for the space you utilize within the container.

How much does this service cost?

In an LCL shipment you pay only for the amount of space your cargo takes up inside the shared container. Therefore, the cost for the LCL service is based on the overall volume you are shipping. In a very rare situation, the weight of the cargo may be the determining cost factor when shipping your LCL cargo. The cost for the LCL service is based on a minimum of 35 cubic feet or one cubic meter. This is the least amount of space your cargo will be charged for and the rate increases as the size of your cargo increases.

All Shore Forwarders is able to arrange for the collection & delivery of your LCL cargo to one of the many conveniently located warehouses we use within the United States for loading into the container. If you prefer, you may deliver your cargo yourself once we have provided you with the proper documentation and booking number.

What do I need to know about using this service?

When shipping cargo via consolidated container service all cargo must be properly packed, boxed and labeled prior to arriving into the warehouse. Each box should be labeled detailing the booking number we provide, the name & address of the consignee overseas and the number of the box. For example if you are shipping 10 boxes, they would be numbered 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc.

If you are planning to ship multiple boxes, we suggest that the boxes be loaded on pallets and shrink wrapped. Although palletizing your cargo will increase the overall size of your shipment, it is strongly recommended that your cargo is palletized. Palletizing and shrink wrapping your cargo will minimize the chances of your cargo being separated, lost or damaged while in transit overseas. The majority of our warehouses are equipped to properly palletize and shrink wrap your cargo. Costs are determined by the number of boxes you are shipping along with the size of the boxes.

Any wooden crates or packaging material shipped inside a container must be ISPM 15 compliant Wood Packaging and must be properly stamped accordingly. In the event that solid wood packing material lacks the ISPM 15 mark, your wooden crates will not be accepted for shipment overseas as it would most likely be seized by customs.

Tens of thousands of containers are shipped safely aboard container vessels every year. However it is always recommended that marine insurance is obtained on any cargo being shipped overseas. Your domestic insurance will not cover loss or damage while your cargo is in transit on the ocean and the liability of all steamship lines is limited to $500.00 per container. All Shore Forwarders can offer you prime cargo insurance from top rated insurers who specialize in marine & air cargo insurance.

What documents do I need to use this service?

A detailed inventory list / packing list along with bills of sale or commercial invoices detailing the value of your goods being shipped. If you are shipping your own personal effects or household goods and do not have bills of sale, a statement of value will be acceptable.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the proper packing and shipping of your LCL cargo.