Shipping Boats, Yachts and Jet Skis

Although All Shore Forwarders is well known for shipping automobiles, race cars and collectible vehicles, we also manage a significant volume of sail boats, motor boats, boat tenders and jet skis as well.

There are many factors which must be considered when shipping boats overseas and therefore each shipment must be handled on an individual basis.

The first and most important factor to consider when shipping your boat overseas is the dimensions. It is the dimensions of the boat which will determine the most appropriate method of shipping as well as the overall cost.

It is important to properly prepare the boat to best suit the method of shipping. Therefore, it is often recommended that the boat be shrink-wrapped. Any fixtures extending past the hull should be removed to reduce overall size. When shipping a sail boat, the mast needs to be attached to the boat.

We offer the following services for shipping boats overseas:

Roll-on/Roll-off Service

  • Typically the most economical service available for shipping a boat  or Jet Ski.  
  • Boats which are on trailers will be towed inside the vessel and secured to the deck of the vessel. 
  • Large boats which are not conducive to being transported on a trailer can be received at the port of departure on a cradle. The boat and cradle are lifted at the port and secured to a mafi trailer. The mafi trailer is then towed inside the vessel and secured to the deck of the vessel. 

Lift-on/Lift-off Service  

  • This service is best suited for boats or yachts whose height exceeds the capacity of a Ro/Ro vessel or to destinations where Ro/Ro Service is not available. 
  • The boat or yacht is loaded on the top of the vessel using specially equipped cranes. 
  • The boat or yacht can be lifted on and off the vessel both from land and water.  
  • Lo/Lo service is normally more costly than Ro/Ro service due to the crane operations required to load the boat onto the vessel at the port of departure and off of the vessel at the port of discharge. 

Container or Flat Rack Service 

  • This service is suited for boats or yachts or other watercraft whose dimensions lend itself to the dimensions of a container. 
  • Due to the limited size of the container opening, boats need a beam less than 7’2” and a height less than 8’6”. 
  • For oversized boats a Flat Rack can be considered. The boat is placed on a flat rack and the flat rack is then lifted by a crane and placed onto the vessel.

We offer port to port as well as door to door service to countless destinations thru out the world.

Our many years of experience of shipping boats thru out the world will provide you with the necessary support to assure a safe and effective shipment.

Call us with your request or complete our online quotation form and we will put our expertise to work for you.