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Roll On/Roll Off Auto Transport Service

Roll On/Roll Off Vessel

A Ro/Ro vessel has a ramp which opens up to allow the vehicles to be driven into the vessel. The vessel will have approximately five cargo decks which are lowered and raised depending on the nature of the cargo being shipped.

Auto Transport

Once the vehicles are driven into the vessel, they are lashed to the cargo decks with nylon straps in order to secure them.

Auto Transport - Ro/Ro Service

When shipping your vehicle on a Ro/Ro vessel there are certain important regulations which must be followed:

  • Your vehicle must be in proper running condition and must have proper working brakes.

  • The keys for your vehicle must be left in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

  • One Quarter (¼) tank of gas is the maximum amount allowed in order to comply with applicable safety regulations.

  • License plates should be removed from your vehicle at the time of delivery to the port of loading. They often become souvenirs in foreign ports. Transport your license plates in your baggage when you travel overseas.

  • Personal effects or spare auto parts are not allowed in your vehicle or the trunk of your vehicle. The only items allowed to remain in your vehicle would be the owner's manuals, jack, lug wrench, spare tire, floor mats & factory equipped tool kit. Vehicles with personal effects or spare auto parts will not be accepted for shipment at time of delivery to the port. If you are interested in shipping personal effects, please see our section referring to personal effects & household goods.

  • Propane tanks in Motor Homes must be completely drained and the tanks must be secured. Flammable liquids, crates of cargo, or motorcycles cannot be shipped inside the vehicle.

  • Marine insurance, though not a requirement is strongly recommended when utilizing auto transport services overseas. Your domestic auto insurance will not cover a loss or damage to your vehicle while it is in transit to an overseas location. The liability of all steamship lines is limited to $500 per vehicle.

  • American tourists traveling through Europe will be required to have "Green Card" insurance when they collect their vehicle from the port of arrival.
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